When you're a business traveler who's hundreds of miles from home, you'll probably end up with some time on your hands. Sure, a hotel with amenities like Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott gives you the opportunity to fill that time with productive activities — you could go for a dip in the pool, or hit the gym, or get some work done. Or, an alternative: you could hang in your room and figure out how to make use of every square inch of it. What sounds more fun? Below, some hotel room hacks to get you started.

Amplify Your Music

If the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t come with an in-room smartphone dock, use coffee cups, water glasses, or even an ice bucket for an instant amplifier. The sound reverberates inside these containers, making the noise louder. Just slide your phone in (speaker side down) and prepare to party down.

Fog-Proof Bathroom Mirrors

Preventing post-shower condensation from taking over your mirror is simple. Before you shower, liberally wipe soap or shaving cream on an area of the mirror — directly above the sink at face level is the best spot — then buff the soap off with a washcloth or towel. Voilà! This process should de-mist the mirror for days.


Make the Perfect Cup

While it's cool in theory, chances are you won't need to cook a Survivor-style breakfast using a coffeemaker and an iron if you're staying at a hotel like Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott. (Their complementary, hot breakfast comes with scrambled eggs! And sausage!) But if you're the type of traveler who needs a cup of fresh, filtered coffee at odd hours of the day, try loading up the coffeemaker’s water vessel with ice cubes at night. Come morning, you’ll have clean, filtered water to help craft the perfect cup.


Cap It Off

If you thought the complementary shower cap was just for hair, think again: this little piece of plastic can be used far beyond its intended purpose.

  • If it’s rainy outside, use it to protect your camera or other devices from moisture (or, if you’re biking, it’s a great seat cover).
  • Wrap muddy shoes in a shower cap to protect everything else in your luggage, or put it around the remote to shield yourself from previous tenant’s germs.
  • Use it as an impromptu plastic bag to keep snacks fresh, or as plastic wrap over a cup or bowl.


Recharge Your Devices

If you forgot your charger during the scramble to pack, the television might be able to fill in. If the phone has an open USB port, you should be able to plug in. If all else fails, call the front desk — they might have a stockpile of chargers others have left behind.


Get Free Bottled Water

Thirsty? You might be able to snag free bottled water from the hotel's fitness center or at the front desk. Just ask.

Rack Up Rewards

Those hotel loyalty programs are no joke. Signing up for programs like Marriott Rewards can get you free hotel stays and other perks. Most programs are free, so no harm, no foul.


Want to entertain yourself without ever leaving your hotel room? Book a stay at the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott and hack yourself silly. And don't forget to check the Business Traveler's Toolkit for more helpful travel tips.

Libby Zay is a Baltimore-based traveler and writer.